Tuesday 26 February 2013

Good afternoon to you all and welcome to another of my tutorials for Creata with Carley.

Today I will be showing how you can make good use of your Creata Organza.
Firstly Organza can be used just like you would a backing paper and gives a great effect if you fray the edges .
Here is an example of how it may look

I have layered some Organza over a sheet of silk card and it gives a great shimmer effect .

There are lots many ways you can create flowers from your organza .

Firstly cut a few strips of your organza to any length and size you require . You will also need a needle and thread to keep your organza secure. Don’t worry if its not straight as this gives more effect to your flowers .

Fold you length in half as shown so you have a clear straight edge . Then starting at one end and a close to the bottom as possible make using a running stitch go all the way to the other end then pull the thread . This will then create a your flower . You will need to put a stitch in to secure in place .

Once you are able to create this flower you can start creating more designs .
To create a rose shape start as before by folding a length of organza in half but instead of stitching roll the organza in your fingers.

(You will still need to stitch this together to hold it in place )

These 2 examples can also be made by using the frayed edge of the organza creating a whole different effect .

Organza also makes great bows by simply taking a length and tying a knot in the middle or you can create lengths of knotted ribbon strands by tying knots at equal spaces .

Below  is what I created using some of the ideas I have shared with you today . Its a sneaky peek of what i am working on for Creata with Carley and Sherri Baldy stamps .

Hope you can have a try and experiment with The Organza from Creata and see what you can do . It can be so much fun !!!
Hugs Caroline


  1. hiya huni great tutorial xxx i make these from ribbons normally but defo going to use up some of my organza in this way xxx your card is stunning as always xxx

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    Linda xxx

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