Friday 11 January 2013

Just for Fun!!

While cleaning up my craft room the other day i came across a old Hunky Dory kit and thought i would have a little mess around . Not wanting to make a card i decided to just make a little fold book with just a few pages . After all i have finished my DT makes , all my cards for family and friends for this month so time to have fun and play !!!! 

                                      The front cover 
  I painted the front and back in a purple shiny paint to match with some of the kit colours.
                                             Page 2 

                                                            Its just purrrrfect !!

                                                  Page 3

                                              "Play time"

                                               Page 4
                                                               "Bring it on "

                                               Page 5

                                             " I love you to "

                                                   Page 6

" I love hanging about with my friends "

                                                 Page 7

                                                   " Its all about kitty "

                                             And finally the back cover 
 I hope you all have a fantastic friday and a great weekend . Thank you for stopping by and sharing your comments . I do love to read them all and  Why not try and just make something  just for fun .
Caroline xx


  1. Caroline what a fab "mini book" love this so much, I love cats too, have 2 off my own, along with Jet the poodle, hugs hun, have a fabulous Friday xxxx

  2. Wow, this is a fab project. I'm a doggie person, myself, but I do love what you've done here. xxx

  3. This is fantastic Caroline and a brilliant way of using up bits from an old kit. It looks like you had great fun playing with the cats x

  4. This is brilliant, i too love cats, i must say you are very organised, i wish i was lol x

  5. Oh, this is just fab! I love it.

  6. Great cards, I love the cat xx Jan

  7. These are all fabulous and love the colour combination.

    Linda xxx

  8. This is fab love it, love the cat theme.
    Hugs Rachael :) xx

  9. Oh my word, this is fabulous, thanks for sharing. So nice to be able to have time just to play x

  10. This is great. I like the colours and the kit. The sentiments are fab. Aren't you organised with everything done and then time to play. Well done. xx